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Word Count and Book Length plus Good Grammar

A common question new or aspiring writers often wonder is, how long should my book be? Some are afraid of writing too much, but, more often than not, one might be concerned with writing to little. Finding the optimal word count depends on several things. A typically novel ranges from 70,000 words to 120,000 words (roughly between 280 and 480 pages). Assuming youre writing a fictional novel, you need to consider your genre and target market, as well as your publishing history.

While most novels will be within the above range, some genres will be more inclined to be shorter or longer. For example, books for young adults typically are much shorter than those for older audience.

Similarly, science fiction and fantasy books are much longer, often exceeding 150,000 words.
Your published history is also a factor, albeit more indirect. If you have been published in the past successfully, a publisher will likely be willing to give you much more leeway with word length.


Three Tips to Beat the Writing Competition

The competition a writer has to face has drastically increased in the past decade, especially since the amount of people reading for pleasure is decreasing. While methods of publication on the internet have grown exponentially, publishing by traditional print means is becoming more difficult. For this reason, as a writer who seeks a print publication you need to be more competitive simply because the writing market is decreasing. Here are some ideas to give you an idea you need to stand out from the hordes of writers.

Develop Your Own Style
Many writers work hard to make their style match well known authors. In my opinion, this harms the writer rather than helps them, because in the long run its really not a unique style. Its someone elses. As a reader, what I love most is an author whos style is unique and distinct. Ive noticed that some authors have developed their style or techniques to the point that readers can recognize the writing as the authors without knowing i…

27 Tips on Increasing Page Views on Your Blog And Reducing Bounce Rate

Here’s a list of useful tips and tricks on increasing your blog’s page views which are easily implemented as simple writing, content management, and design strategies. Here, we’re not talking about increasing traffic from search engines or social networks, but rather increasing user activity on the site after they’ve already arrived to your blog.

This is not strictly SEO nor is it strictly social media – we’re talking about what to do with the traffic potential that is already there as a result of both SEO and social media. Getting traffic is hard enough, but not everyone knows what to do with the traffic potential their blog already has. How do you keep visitors browsing around? How do you make them bookmark your blog posts? How do you make sure they will be interested enough to visit your blog again? Here’s a list of 27 ways to increase page views across your blog and, possibly, increase search rankings and earn more from ad clicks.
Leave comments on other blogs – this …

7 Essential Writing Skills For Bloggers

Learn about the seven writing-related skills every blogger should master in order to write informative and engaging content, attract readers and provoke an on-going discussion, as well as maximize their potential without wasting any resources away.

Web writing and blogging skills arent always the same blogging requires more planning and more independence which is why bloggers should be more focused on their goals and use the written word accordingly.

Writing and Editing Skills
Your grammar and style may not be perfect (mine definitely arent!), but you can make sure your posts are well-formatted, free of glaring punctuation errors and logical mistakes in writing and presentation. Pick a topic and explore it in detail, but keep it focused use crosslinking to join different pieces of information and ensure clarity. Be versatile showcase different abilities by posting reviews, tutorials, guides, how-tos, opinion pieces, etc. Youre the editor-in-chief, the section editor, …

10 Tips on Effective Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a way to promote your blog, your online content as well as build a network of regular followers and increase your readership. Heres top 10 tricks you need to know in order to succeed at promoting your writing. Submit Urls Only to DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites the only way to have google crawl your bookmarks and treat them as backlinks is to submit them to sites marked as DoFollow.

Use Alternative Titles For Your Bookmarks write different, well-keyworded titles using words and expressions relevant to the content of your article, but alternative to its original title, so as to increase your SEO potential.

Insert Proper Descriptions For Your Bookmarks again, use alternative keywords, make your descriptions informative and give full information about the article or blog post that youre promoting to encourage people to click on them avoid automatically generated descriptions that cut text in the middle of it and basically just repeat your first paragr…

Freelancing? Have Some Patience with Social Media

If youre trying to get your freelance writing business off the ground, you probably want to see results now. Who wouldnt? Unfortunately, life doesnt usually work that way. You need patience. It can be hard to have any of that when youre struggling to make ends meet, or when youve spent money setting up a business and need to get that money back in the form of paying clients.
You cant force things to happen on your schedule, but you can help them along by being prepared and easy for potential clients to find. One of the best ways to do that is simple: create a website and get (and stay) active in social media. While youve probably heard that before, you may not have thought about how much of a difference doing things the right way can have on your writing business. Heres what you do: Set up profiles on all the social media sites you like (or just pick the most popular ones). Good choices that I use are Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. You'll have two choices o…

How to Create Link Bait Content For Your Blog

In a nutshell, link bait content, or simply a linkbait, is a blog post that others are likely to link to from their own blogs and websites.  Reasonable amount of linkbaits across multiple blog posts increases the possibility to build backlinks by having others refer to your content as well as share it via social bookmarking and networking sites more actively. While every blog post should be enticing and informative to give others reasons for backlinking, there are a few methods to increase the share-worth of your blog.

Link Bait Blog Post Types

Lists -comprehensive lists of links and resources make great linkbaits because of their longevity and also because they can serve as a quick reference point. Lists of links, resources, types, ways, etc., all make for great link bait content.

Definitions -well-written explanations of ideas and problems are often linked to as well, especially if they are specific and limited to a particular context.

Q&A Post Types blog posts that …

No more doubts whether the writer is right or not!

One of the most ancient consumer behavior has to be the need to check out what experts say about a given product or service. Most times, they rely on a magazine like the consumer report for discovery of new products/services and for gauging what their satisfaction will be should they decide to buy the products or services.

On the Internet, consumers look for various customer reviews to be able to tell what the experience with the products or services is likely going to be good or bad. There are however, service providers like essay writing companies who fail to give any information from consumers to potential customers. The focus of this website is to help students find the information they need to make smart buying decisions.
Student consumersStudents have a difficult time when it comes to finding essay writing companies they can depend on for their essay writing needs. Fortunately, with the reviews available about different companies, students can be in a position to c…

How Effective Blog Writing Can Launch Your Website

Blog writing is really a great way to launch your website but you have to know how to do it effectively. You must keep it brief, keep it interesting, and most of all keep it totally unique. Your readers are looking for blogs that are different that have new information.

The reader is searching for what is in it for them and they want it very quickly. The readers do not want to have to keep reading and searching blog writing so they can find what they are wanting. They want the information to jump out at them. This is why you want your blog writing to be very valuable to your readers. Let them know you respect their time by keeping it simple and grammatical correct.
Blogging is very popular and is so easy if you will remember the one rule of typing your blog posts as if you were talking to a friend. Be sure to have someone to proofread your article and use all the proofreading tools that you can find to insure you have a grammatically correct article.

Your blog writing …

Blog Writing 5 Tips to Turbo Charge Your Blog

Blog writing is extremely important. Most of the time we are updating our blog, we are writing. We are not working on the template or trying to get a better picture up or deciding what new category we should or shouldn't add, but we are writing.

Here are 5 tips to help supercharge your blog writing, and by extension your blog as well!

1) Write in a conversational tone.
Marketese and business speak do not work in blogs. Write as though you are speaking to a friend. If you ever went to business school ignore everything you learned about writing while there, is very popular advice that lots of people give and is not far off the mark. If you have trouble writing conversationally, try saying your thoughts out loud as if speaking to someone before writing them down.

2) Improve your vocabulary. Great writers have great vocabularies.
The best and most painless way to increase vocabulary is just to read a lot. Now I fail somewhat here, because although I read a lot, its …

Few Essential Aspects of Blog Writing

Blogging is one the recent mode of expressing your views and ideas. Businesses are using it as free marketing and advertising of their businesses and webmasters employ blogs to drive traffic to websites.

Since blog writing has emerged as one of the best things on the internet, everyone is indulging in blogging. If you are one of them, you need to be the best blog writer to be on the top of the results retrieved by the search engines.

Writing for others not for yourself
You are writing blogs to be read, isnt it? Hence, you should write while keeping your readers in mind. Know what they are interested in so that you can write accordingly. Day you understand what your audience is looking for; you dont need to go haywire to find topics to write on.

Direct information
Internet readers usually dont read the complete articles or blogs. Therefore, you should try to construct small sentences with direct information. However, it doesnt mean that you are compromising on grammar part.…