Blog Writing 5 Tips to Turbo Charge Your Blog

Blog writing is extremely important. Most of the time we are updating our blog, we are writing. We are not working on the template or trying to get a better picture up or deciding what new category we should or shouldn't add, but we are writing.

Here are 5 tips to help supercharge your blog writing, and by extension your blog as well!

1) Write in a conversational tone.
Marketese and business speak do not work in blogs. Write as though you are speaking to a friend. If you ever went to business school ignore everything you learned about writing while there, is very popular advice that lots of people give and is not far off the mark. If you have trouble writing conversationally, try saying your thoughts out loud as if speaking to someone before writing them down.

2) Improve your vocabulary. Great writers have great vocabularies.
The best and most painless way to increase vocabulary is just to read a lot. Now I fail somewhat here, because although I read a lot, its primarily blogs and business books. I am sure if added some fiction to the mix, and I love fiction, Id improve my vocabulary even faster, but with three kids time is a challenge.
Read a wide variety of stuff; if you dont like to read, you probably shouldnt be trying to write!

3) Write like yourself; dont try to emulate writers you admire.
You might love Dan Brown or Steven King, but you simply cant write like them and they cant write like you either. You have to find your own voice, your individual style, and then you will write with a lot more confidence.

4) Play with the language while you are writing.
Now what does this mean? It means have fun writing. Use the vernacular, use slang and expressions that perhaps are not that common, but which hopefully people understand.
Make your prose accessible; make it entertaining. This adds extra appeal to your blog. Forget about grammatical correctness. Its not absolutely required nor even desired in many cases.

5) Remember that blogging is like speaking in public, emphasis on public. Use common sense. Dont blog about what should remain private. If its something you wouldnt talk about loudly outside, perhaps in the neighborhood pub or in a restaurant, dont blog about it.

People often forget the Internet is public very public. Even if you dont mention people or events specifically, if you provide enough detail, people are going to figure out what you are talking about. Even anonymous bloggers have to watch out.

Blog writing is critical and most people enjoy it. Forget about the literary nonsense your teachers beat into your head and write like you speak, conversationally. Have fun writing, using slang as appropriate and improve your vocabulary. Do remember the Internet is public, but have fun!

If by any chance you find after giving it a serious try that writing is not for you, you can always use video and audio for your blog content as well.

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