10 Tips on Effective Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a way to promote your blog, your online content as well as build a network of regular followers and increase your readership. Heres top 10 tricks you need to know in order to succeed at promoting your writing.
Submit Urls Only to DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites the only way to have google crawl your bookmarks and treat them as backlinks is to submit them to sites marked as DoFollow.

Use Alternative Titles For Your Bookmarks write different, well-keyworded titles using words and expressions relevant to the content of your article, but alternative to its original title, so as to increase your SEO potential.

Insert Proper Descriptions For Your Bookmarks again, use alternative keywords, make your descriptions informative and give full information about the article or blog post that youre promoting to encourage people to click on them avoid automatically generated descriptions that cut text in the middle of it and basically just repeat your first paragraph.

Insert Related Tags since unlike articles and blog posts, bookmarks are extremely short, use 1-3 related tags to repeat the keywords youre already using in the title and description. Do not bother adding 20 keywords they will only decrease your bookmarks searchability making them way to general for googles taste.

Build Your Network and Socialize participate in the community by leaving comments and voting up other peoples bookmarks network with people who share similar interests. Avoid posting spam comments just for the sake of attracting some attention to your own bookmarks you might get blocked, banned, and at any rate, such methods never work in the long run.

Group Your Bookmarks on Different Social Bookmarking Sites if you have a thing for branching out and specialize in various, unrelated areas, it might be wise to use several social bookmarking sites each for a specific subject. It will be easier for you to keep your contributions focused and your network wont have to wield out bookmarks they arent interested in. If you post bookmarks about travel, gardening, and wildlife with one account and on one site, your followers may soon lose patience having to scan your content in search of something they want to read.

Promote Your Social Bookmarking Profiles find new friends or followers straight on your blog use follow me icons on your blog or website, link your social bookmarking profiles in article directories, tweet inviting others to follow you the more people there are in your network, the easier it will be for you to have your bookmarks re-bookmarked, voted up, and checked out.

Promote Your Other Writing on Social Bookmarking Sites and not only with bookmarks, but also with well-written and informative profile pages containing links to your Facebook, Twitter, blog you name it. You may earn lots of hits this way. I still see many people bookmarking anonymously and think its a big mistake. If your bookmarks are interesting and valuable, people might be interested in networking with you on other sites as well, they may want to follow your blog, etc. so give them a chance to do it.

Schedule and Automatize Social Bookmarking stay active on social bookmarking sites even if youre too busy writing, and submit urls to sites that accept automatic bookmark submissions.
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