Three Tips to Beat the Writing Competition

The competition a writer has to face has drastically increased in the past decade, especially since the amount of people reading for pleasure is decreasing. While methods of publication on the internet have grown exponentially, publishing by traditional print means is becoming more difficult. For this reason, as a writer who seeks a print publication you need to be more competitive simply because the writing market is decreasing. Here are some ideas to give you an idea you need to stand out from the hordes of writers.

Develop Your Own Style
Many writers work hard to make their style match well known authors. In my opinion, this harms the writer rather than helps them, because in the long run its really not a unique style. Its someone elses. As a reader, what I love most is an author whos style is unique and distinct. Ive noticed that some authors have developed their style or techniques to the point that readers can recognize the writing as the authors without knowing its the authors piece of writing to begin with. This is difficult without an established fan base, but its something all writers should strive for.

Get Your Hands Dirty
Dont be afraid to try new things. Try creative styles, new genres and new techniques. You might just like it. Experiment and find out what works. The best writers never stop experimenting; theyre not afraid to try something new.

Make Your Characters Real
If not the #1 thing that attracts readers, characterization is #2. Impersonal characters put a reader off. Personally, if the characters are personally, Ill end up not finishing the book. Create characters that draw the reader in; make characters that the readers want to know more about. Most importantly, make characters that people can relate to, but also characters that surprise the reader.

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