Freelancing? Have Some Patience with Social Media

If youre trying to get your freelance writing business off the ground, you probably want to see results now. Who wouldnt? Unfortunately, life doesnt usually work that way. You need patience. It can be hard to have any of that when youre struggling to make ends meet, or when youve spent money setting up a business and need to get that money back in the form of paying clients.

You cant force things to happen on your schedule, but you can help them along by being prepared and easy for potential clients to find. One of the best ways to do that is simple: create a website and get (and stay) active in social media. While youve probably heard that before, you may not have thought about how much of a difference doing things the right way can have on your writing business. Heres what you do:
  • Set up profiles on all the social media sites you like (or just pick the most popular ones). Good choices that I use are Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. You'll have two choices on Facebook a personal profile of a business page. You can have both if you want. I just have a personal page, because Im not a big fan of branding myself too much. Im mostly just me. You may want to keep your personal and professional pages separate, though, and theres nothing wrong with that.
  • Make sure your profiles are complete. Only putting down a tiny bit of information doesnt give people much to go on. You need a solid profile that lets people know what youre offering. If youve done something you consider significant as a writer, such as gotten a book picked up by a publisher, make sure that information is available to potential clients. I always have a link to my latest book, so potential clients can see what kind of work Ive done in the past and whether my writing style may fit what they need.
  • Also be sure to add links to your website and any other sites that will help clients find you. For example, I have links to my writing website in all my social media profiles. I also link to my blog and to any accounts at writing or author sites (like Amazon author pages, etc) that clients might want to check out If you dont have a writing website, you really should get one. Freelance writers need a web presence if theyre going to get noticed. Web addresses and hosting accounts are not terribly costly, and you can get a lot of value for your money.
  • If you have friends and family who use any of the sites mentioned above, ask them to connect with you. Do the same thing for your colleagues and anyone you know who is in the same kind of business. Utilize the power of the connections you already have. Ask them to help you get the word out about your business and your social media presence, but be sure not to nag.
  • Use the social media profiles you just created to market what you have to offer and do it consistently. Be sure, in doing that, that you focus on good SEO practices and provide valuable information. Dont just spam links to your work, because people tire of that very quickly. If you're not sure about SEO, now is the time to get someone to help you with that. Its well worth the cost.
Starting up a freelance writing business wont bring you instant money, but if you set up good social media profiles and a good website you can do plenty of free and low-cost marketing that will bring clients to you. Patience is key.

Don't get upset in a week and stop using your social media accounts because potential writing clients arent flooding your inbox with offers to pay you big money. If you keep working at it and make social media marketing part of your job, potential clients will start to find you. Things can only improve from there.

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